What we need from you

  • A set of drawings including elevations, plans, main sections and north point.
  • Heating system, water heating type and fuel.
  • Construction details and insulation used.
  • Details of windows and doors to be used, including frame types and glazing.
  • We do not require U-values, we will calculate the U-values for you.
  • We don’t need you to fill in any forms.
  • Simply send your plans and specifications in .dwg, .dxf or .pdf or any .doc formats.

If you can’t provide complete details

If you have not yet made a decision about what kind of insulation, windows, heating system or water heating will be used, We can provide you with details of the most cost effective materials and heating systems that would ensure a pass on the SAP test.

If a property fails

  • It is very common for the property to need some modifications to its insulation or its heating system before it will pass the SAP test. Don’t take this personally, SAP is a very strict test. If a property fails, we can offer, free of charge, advice on design changes that would ensure the property will pass the re-test. Often the re-test will be also be free of charge.
  • We always ensure that a property will pass, we are very skilled at making the SAP balancing act work, and always do our best to consider your budget.

Your SAP Energy Certificates

  • For new build properties, you will require an initial ‘design stage’ calculation set for submission at the planning stage. A further set of ‘as built’ calculations will be required to get the final sign-off from your Building Control Officer.
  • Please inform us when your building is completed, and of the details of the heating system and insulation that was actually used. We will provide fee breakdowns for both sets of calculations, and for the EPC required to sell or rent the house, for more information see our EPC section .
  • Existing properties that require SAP calculations for building control applications for extensions, conservatories, change of use applications require a slightly different process, contact us for more information.
  • We will email you your SAP energy certificates and send a hard copy through the post with a CD containing all the calculations, details and reports.

Unreliable SAP assessments?

There has been a plethora of software available online over the last 10 years that has enabled people to do SAP assessments for the building regulations of 2005. Please be aware of this and ensure you select a reputable company. SAPs4U can provide you with a SAP assessment carried out by an accredited SAP assessor using the latest software, giving you all the relevant advice you need to get your new-build ready to pass Part L1A energy regulations for new buildings.