U value calculations are usually done as part of a SAP calculation but we can also produce them separately if required. For example, when applying for a grant to install insulation in existing buildings.

We are accredited SAP assessors and meet the requirement of many grant awarding bodies that the person doing the U value calculation should be suitably qualified.

U value calculations are rates of heat loss through different elements of a building, for example, the roof, the floor and the walls.  The higher the number the greater the heat loss.  A cavity wall with no insulation might have a U value of 1.3 and this might improve to 0.48 with insulation.  A grant awarding body will need to know both of these figures in order to rate the improvement to the building after the insulation.

U value calculation for one element, eg. Roof or wall, before and after, £25.

Discounts may be available for bulk orders.