SBEM (Non-domestic developments) 

SBEMs are SAP Energy Ratings for non-domestic buildings.

Information required for the “As Designed” SBEM calculation.


  • Location & orientation from north (from main entrance point).
  • Brief description on construction methods to be used
  • Type of end use for the building
  • Use of each room
  • Confirmation of Building Control Body


  • Fully dimensioned floor plans & plans & sections giving room sizes & storey heights with any intermediate floor thickness together with overall building height
  • Design “U” values for: Ground floor, External walls, Roof, Doors & Windows
  • Confirmation as to whether the building design allows for Accredited Construction Details, if not please provide details of thermal analysis
  • Confirmation of the air permeability accommodated within the design
  • Window & external door schedules

Mechanical electrical

Confirmation of the

  • Heating supply source including type by SBEM classification (Does the heating /cooling plant equipment qualify for ECA, if so what year)
  • Domestic hot water source & identification of any hot water tap positions
  • Mechanical ventilation
  • Lighting design
  • Lighting controls